Computer Vision & Machine Learning

We call it the harry potter effect. When no-one has told you what’s impossible, you just try it and can somehow do it! We’ve gotten expert at computer vision and machine learning over the years. Now we use a range of suites like OpenCV, Darknet and Tensorflow, as well as a range of tools that we’ve built ourselves to enhance our work as data scientists.

Machine Learning

We generate and deploy machine learning models by applying the latest and greatest deep learning strategies. We’ve been focused on detecting and classifying animals from drones. This is probably one of the hardest use-cases possible. So any other situation you have in mind is going to be very achievable with the right data!

Computer Vision

Computer Vision is the science of teaching computers how to recognise things in video or imagery the same as the human brain does. Attenborough was the first software suite that we developed that used a computer vision techniques to threshold animals or anything with a heat signature from thermal cameras. Now we can apply advanced techniques for RGB, thermal or multispectral imagery.