3D Printing And Prototyping

We found ourselves in a position where we needed a camera attachment printed ASAP for a client. It was an interesting project as he was looking to deliver real-time thermal capability and transmission from a DJI Mavic to be flown underground for the mining industry.

The electronics and design came together speedily after a huge effort from the team and the only missing piece of the puzzle to meet the deadline was to 3D print the camera attachment for the drone. Shouldn’t have been a big deal and to be honest I’d only heard that 3D printing services would come cheap and easily and wouldn’t be a problem.  In reality, when it came time to reaching out to Australian printing companies we found they were difficult to reach, hesitant to give quotes, slow on the turnaround and expensive. Really expensive actually – for our project which needed a super quick turnaround.

So we started investigating and decided we liked resin printers for their print quality and accuracy. After much research we settled on a Photocentric HR 2 (visit link here).

The plan is to be able to continue our own in-house prototyping and development without being hamstrung by an industry taking advantage of their relative market control (it really was much harder to getting printing done here in Australia than it should be).

But now we are established. We’ve printed our own SkyDog prototypes that have flown field trials and are about to turn around the second iteration of prototype with additional stabilization and design improvements.

Soon we’d like to be able to offer 3-D printing and prototyping to personal and business customers using the Photocentric. So get in touch if you’re interested in getting something printed, or if you’re interested in our review of the Photocentric HR 2 – we’re happy to offer advice if you’re looking to buy one for yourself.

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