Data Science And Drones For The Grazing Sector

Greenroom started with a broad vision to integrate existing robotics and artificial intelligences (AI) into sectors or industries where there was a real need for updated ways of operating or analysing data. Data science and data analysis has the potential to empower organisations such as farmers and survey companies to work smarter. It can validate hunches, or confirm local knowledge that previously took generations to accrue. Data-driven facts and insights can quickly build consensus between decision makers.

We saw that robotics and AI moved quickly into the crop sector (crops are plants, and grazing is animals). This branch of AgTech quickly became advanced as serious companies rolled out industrial automation for crop monitoring and targeted fertilising, etc. Technically, this is a relatively simple challenge, given that plants and crops stay still, robots (e.g. AgBots or drones) can fly repeated patterns. Furthermore, farmers can quickly begin to develop insights from trends. Because data collection is repeatable, it’s relatively easy to collect sufficient imagery to train machine learning models, for instance.

 What we also saw was a gap and opportunity in the grazing sector where nobody had managed to apply vision based AI for grazing applications (e.g. stock monitoring or pest control). There are some very serious technical reasons why no one had achieved this. But we do like a challenge! We’ve been consistently researching and developing for nearly 2 years now, and have software that we’ve trialed real-time on consumer grade (DJI Phantom) footage to stock-monitor cows, and with our industry partner Ninox Robotics to conduct post-processing analysis for bio-security survey from their high-altitude fixed wing drones.

These are breakthroughs that we’ve been working of through the highs and lows, and we can proudly say that we’re well ahead of data science competitors in terms of being able to detect and map animals from drone footage. Our capabilities continue to advance, and we’re enjoying having an increasing number of Australian companies reach out to us. If you have an application in mind, or just want to get in touch and tell us your story, please write to [email protected] and we look forward to connecting. 

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  1. Shit guys, this page has certainly come to life since the last time my wife gave me her Samsung note and told me to read some of the stuff as I might be interested to see what my son is actually up to these days.
    Absolutely Fabulous, keep it up, but don’t forget to take time out to rest your frazzled brains occasionally.
    Apparently I’m in the team now, after reading the “TAGAI PRINCESS” blog so I hope I get to meet you all some time.
    Book the “Raffles Suite” at our place on Maggie and you’ll be made most welcome.
    Uncle RUSS,

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