Doing The 2-Step: Two-Stage Verification For Increased Security

Cyber security is a core challenge for any software company, and the impact is being increasingly realised by Australian SME. There are some really important practices that are easy to follow but make a crucial difference when it comes to your cyber-hygiene. The Australian Signals Directorate outlines some strategies and tactics here:  

2-step login is recommended for any of your online accounts – you probably use it for gmail or your facebook account, and your online bank account should definitely be using it. It’s where you have to use your password to log in, as well as one other unique code sent via text, or app to your phone. 

The next level of 2-step is where you require an actual physical ‘key’. So to log-in, you need a password, as well as a USB or dongle that’s been assigned to your account. Google rolled out security keys to 85000+ employees in 2017 and remarkably has not succumbed to any phishing attacks since (  

Greenroom backed SoloKeys ( who are providing the first open source FIDO2 standard security keys through kickstarter. Following the principles of information security (Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability) assures us our websites, networks and databases are secured using the same industry best-practice as Google. This gives us extra confidence in the security of our IP and algorithms, and when processing or storing sensitive footage or data for clients.  

The first batch of SoloKeys has just arrived so we continue our efforts for continually achieving best-practice development. Whether this is in achieving increased speed and accuracy for our Machine Learning models like Attenborough, or minimising risk of phishing through pushing increased cyber-security. 

If you’ve ever got any questions about your cyber-practices feel free to get in touch and we’re always happy to help.

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