Greenroom Shows Its Technology At Fishburners Pitch Series In Brisbane

On Friday night our own Bastian Green delivered an impressive pitch of our technology to a room full of startup entrepreneurs at the Fishburners pitch series in Brisbane. Among the throng of tech savvy humans were the ‘Big fish’; the three industry representatives brought in to pass judgement on pitches from four different nascent companies.

With an emphasis on building experience and gaining valuable feedback on presenting a successful pitch each speaker had to get their message across in a strict five minutes. Questions from the Big fish would follow and the eventual winner crowned by way of the loudest crowd cheer.

Three interesting pitches preceded Bastians Greenroom pitch; power management of rooftop solar panels for large scale buildings, a mentoring tool for Lawyers and their employers to reduce stress and improve life balance, and an app to bring an individuals health records to their fingertips at all times.

Bastian walked to the stage as the fourth and final pitcher for round six of the pitch off series. His mission was to identify the problem, present the solution, display the financials and quantify what type of investment we at Greenroom are after.

By illustrating ‘the problem’ with pre cautioned images of dead cattle the audience was immediately drawn to the vulnerability of cattle to wild dogs, a subject that brings Bastian back to his upbringing on a farm. However he was quick to emphasise that the problem Greenroom is identifying is not just about tracking wild dogs, but how to find, identify and track animals.

The Greenroom Aerobotics vision that Bastian was able to present to the audience and Big Fish centred around the following statement:

Enablimg farmers, government departments and researchers to accurately determine animal species and their location through cutting-edge thermal vision and A.I. technology

Now that the problem was identified it was time to show to the world for the first time what the solution is – Attenborough. What better way to do this than with actual footage of the Attenborough software tracking and identifying cows from the air. Crowd chatter intensified as the footage wore on alluding to a general excitement of what they were seeing.

After announcing the software and technology packages we hope to bring to market the five minutes was up and it was time for questions from the Big Fish. With a good dose of positivity one fish questioned whether this footage would be provided in real time or after post processing, with the former being true. Another asked what current technologies are in use to solve the issue. Bastian responded by noting the extravagant costs associated with helicopter rental and the current need to manually count animals post mission. Attenborough will not only be cheaper but with substantially reduced man hours.

And so the cheering began. The first three received very similar decibel levels. The fourth, a resounding blanket of cheers that filled the room. Bastian had won heat six. He is now into the semi finals!

Stay tuned for another blog, post semi final. We can’t wait to showcase our technology again.

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