The Year Of 2018 For Greenroom

Last year flew for Greenroom. We hit so many milestones, and really proved to ourselves that our technology can compete against some globally established players.

The goal though, has been to focus internally on generating all of our processes and systems so that when we pull the trigger to properly scale looking into 2019, minimising the growing pains and making the process as seamless as possible.

We started testing our Minimal Viable Products (MVP), and did some design and integration work which went on to be flown underground in the mining sector. Then, we made the decision to focus on software. With DJI & Co. owning the consumer drone space, and an explosion in hardware and drone payload companies, a real niche finally became obvious in the form of software for drone payloads. Especially when we realised that our skillset of Computer vision (e.g., Machine Learning ( automation engineering, and design could really be applied in some novel ways that nobody else has yet cracked.

With the internal focus, we still made great friends and connections in the industry, delivered product demonstrations, and really pushed ourselves for a usable data pipeline and workflow for some pretty unique automation capability. We’ve been focusing this capability on processing video footage captured from drones, and tested the idea of Attenborough with the Australian Venture Capitalist (VC) scene.

We’ve seen our unique combination of Computer Vision and Machine Learning up against some big names in the military industrial complex, and can happily say that we’re outperforming enterprise software for identification and localization in terms of accuracy, speed and robustness. The challenge for 2019 is to start to grow outwards and put our systems and processes into competition. The team is hungry and up for any unique robotic and engineering challenges. Let’s see what the year brings our way. 

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