Greenroom Robotics and the 75th Rolex Sydney to Hobart

The Greenroom Team is very excited to be sponsoring a serious contender for this years Rolex Sydney to Hobart! The 2019 race is the 75th annual event and has already attracted over 150 entrants from Australia and around the world.  This year’s race is expected to attract significant interest and coverage. 

The Greenroom Team have their foundations in Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering. So as well as our growing work in AgTech (which we are doing because of serious environmental need), we are also constantly working on projects in the maritime environment. Projects like operator interfaces for high-performance foiling yachts, or like new concepts for unmanned surface vessels, we can’t help but have roots and passion in the maritime sector. 

The vessel we’re sponsoring is well aligned with our values of high performance human capital, innovation and persistence. Happy Wanderer is a Kevlar composite Judel Vrolijk 52, which is being crewed by current and ex members of the Australian Defence Force (ADF). 

So Greenroom is proudly sponsoring a famous vessel, with a tenacious crew, and we’re very proud to be doing so especially as we grow as a company. We’ve had a big year of growth, ultimately aiming to deploy robotics and data-science applications for Agricultural and Maritime sectors. 

By the way, the picture for this blog was taken by our very own and very talented Mitch Pearson!

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