Superfoiler – The Beginning

Greenroom was approached earlier in the year to provide services to a company whose intention was to reignite one of the most extreme sailing classes on the planet. The company now has the proper financial backing required to run a worldwide series of regattas showcasing close knit fast inshore racing and in turn provide a spectacle that audiences will love.

Being sailors at heart and with a number of foiling sailors within our team this was an opportunity not to be missed; to not only work on some of the most advanced foiling boats around but to also get our name out into the sailing community and showcase our expertise in varying fields that could lead to more work in the sailing sector in the future.

As we progress through the project we will be able to provide more information and keep everyone updated through our regular blog posts. We are excited to see our technology on display in these innovative machines and look forward to seeing them on the water!

In the meantime have a watch of last seasons highlights!

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