2019 for Greenroom Robotics: part 3 solving data-debts

Robotics software is established as our core business. AniML and Exponential labelling are awesome programs that are so valuable given the amount of video that’s being collected by all types of field robots (UAV, AUV, USV). But when UAV are out there collecting video, they are in a way creating data-debt! E.g. they collect so much data, and then operators are obliged to process it, and turn it into usable information for decision makers. Typically data processing is at least 1:1 and so collecting 1 weeks worth of data means you have to set aside another whole week to go through your files.

That’s where we come in. Between the collectors, and the decision makers. We process video with high accuracy, objectivity, and speed. We use ML where possible, otherwise we use our custom-software which lets our data scientists do a better job than your typical operator. Beyond basic processing we combine our skill sets to apply data science methodologies with some pretty custom analytics.

We do all of this so that the collectors can focus on what they do best, and so the decision makers can have confidence that the information their receiving is vetted, based on the best possible data, and has been properly analysed to extract all possible insights.

Processing of data using our in house software

Our efforts and position are being recognized, and Greenroom have been chosen as Australian industry partners of market-leading company SAS (www.sas.com). Watch this space as the partnership develops in 2020.  

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