2019 for Greenroom Robotics: part 4 helping out with boats and hardware

In between all the full-time software development Zac found an opportunity to get back into another passion project. A project at his roots, and actually a project all of us at Greenroom are pretty passionate about!

Greenroom got engaged to design some software and hardware for a racing foiling yacht. The bit of kit is called a flight controller interface, and sailors will use it to control the trim of the foils that make a catamaran get up out of the water and cruise along at high speed with minimal drag.

So the application is incredible but the design process itself was just as exciting for us full-nerds. The design project was beyond full-stack! It included CAD & 3D printing, designing Printed Circuit Boards and getting them manufactured overseas, coding server motors and communications protocols. To top it all off the ergonomics were brilliant and we manufactured pretty much everything in-house. It was a very impressive effort by Zac who drove the whole thing, and then integrated with some other Sydney robotics companies. And what an opportunity for Zac, a national-level sailor, to apply his full-stack skillset with his sailing experience. A pretty rare combination I daresay.

The 3D model of Zac’s controller design to fit on the tiller of the boat.

So Greenroom had a great year, developing our core-scalable software, and building some great relationships and industry partnerships. We maintain focus on applying our software for processing video and generating ML models to revolutionize the AgTech sector. At the same time we’ve demonstrated our versatility for a range of projects and seen that our software capability is transferable to different sectors.

2021 looks like it’s going to be a bigger year, and we’ve already grown the team by 2 to keep up. We’ll introduce you soon!

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