The Greenroom Robotics team

Greenroom Robotics has a passionate team who have a wide variety of industry knowledge and skills across many disciplines. They all share a passion for problem solving and a vision to bring autonomy and robotics to the everyday.

My background is in business, engineering and maritime autonomy (where I’ve explored control systems, adaptive behaviours, computer vision, field robotics, and cyber security). I am curious about the way the 21st century will be shaped by increasing intelligence and reliability of autonomous systems. When not being productive I’ll hopefully be sailing, surfing, kitesurfing, hiking or reading.

I like to follow my passions when it comes to my making a living. After leaving a five year job in process engineering at the shutdown of my plant I pursued a degree in Naval Architecture to put me on the path to career enjoyment. After three years studying in Tasmania and a quick year of work experience with a superyacht design firm in the Netherlands I ended up with a small Naval Architecture firm in Brisbane. While enjoying the vast array of work that I get to be part of at N.A. Aust. I was still after something that got me out of the office and closer to the water. I decided to take the plunge into photography as a side business paying most attention to yacht racing. With photography came cinematography and with it came drones. I have steadily built up exposure and local clients since the start of the year which have allowed me to showcase and improve my skills as a drone pilot. Now with the opportunity to be part of the Greenroom team I can focus more and more on this emerging technology and be part of a a company with serious potential. I feel I can bring my vast variety of experience into the team in the form management skills and sound judgement. I'm a realist but am also a dreamer, which I believe is the perfect mix to help a team be successful.

Since I was young I have always been intrigued by how things work, taking items apart to gather a deeper understanding into how it has been made was a regular occurrence, this has been something that I still do today and is the reason I followed my passion into the engineering field. In 2015 I completed a bachelors degree in Ocean Engineering at the Australian Maritime College, it was here where I developed a passion for robotics and design. I started programming in 2012 and since then I have learnt 7 different languages and variants with the ability code a circuit board, websites, applications and everything in-between. This has been a long road however it is something I love to learn as it lets me take on and solve real world problems. Where I love to apply this is to unmanned vehicles, in 2015 I developed an UAV (drone) to autonomously map small scale sea surface temperature as a part of my final year thesis and is how I ended up working for a small start up developing an USV (Unmanned Surface Vessel) at the completion of my degree. Outside engineering I love sailing and kiteboarding. I can’t wait to further develop GreenRoom and to be able to work on truly exiting projects that will have a positive impact in the industries that we are lucky enough to work alongside.