GreenRoom Robotics are advancing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) capability with increasing levels of autonomy through custom control systems and computer vision.

UAVs are becoming increasingly popular. However, the potential applications are far more powerful than just aerial footage and joy-flights.

By integrating Thermal, Night Vision and Hyperspectral cameras with our autonomous control systems we are developing UAVs capable of observation, monitoring, detection, tracking and classification of whatever the end-user desires.

Having successfully demonstrated the potential of using hyperspectral cameras for monitoring coastal water temperatures we are now prototyping for agricultural and wildlife detection and tracking.

GreenRoom Inflight Robotics flagstone project is underway in the form of a Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) using Thermal and Night Vision in combination with our custom Computer Vision and Machine Learning capability. This combination (known as ThermalVis) enhances an off-the-shelf drone with capacity to plot its own search pattern and autonomously detect, track and classify anything with a heat signature in the designated search environment.

Our clients want to be able to deploy-and-forget while a GreenRoom UAV conducts a search of the area of interest and returns with geo-tagged footage of any animals of interest. Machine Learning capability leads to automatic classification of animal type and size to ensure the client gets the most timely and accurate understanding of what’s on their property.