Advanced Maritime Autonomy

Greenroom has a strong network of Naval Architects, Robotics Engineers and Fabricators with extensive autonomous vehicle experience, and is perfectly positioned to develop, produce and evaluate Maritime Autonomous Systems (MAS). Our flagship range of Greenroom Advanced Maritime Autonomy (GAMA) products has been meticulously designed based on our first-hand experience of user-requirements. 

These systems need to be able to operate in the world’s most extreme maritime surface environments, and rapidly adapt with advances in autonomous capabilities. Through years of experience the Greenroom team has seen numerous systems typically struggle to successfully and reliably operate in the heat and cold of Australia’s wide-ranging conditions. The GAMA systems are purposely designed for reliability and performance, with multiple redundancies, and built in environmental controls.

GAMA systems

The system consists of five main modules for command and control, computer vision, power, communications, and sonar, as well as the software to bring it all together.

Concept image of GAMA data display and situational overview

These modules are designed for vessels up to 24m in length, with larger vessels requiring consultation and modification in accordance with specific vessel requirements. The modular design means they can be used independently, or integrated to enable fully autonomous capability. 

Command and Control (C2) module

An innovative, self-contained and robust module that provides significant computational power to facilitate true autonomy for modern maritime autonomous systems. The C2 module houses some of the world’s most advanced inertial sensors, embedded computers and electronics, as well as a custom environmental management system to enable GAMA to reliably operate in extreme Australian conditions.

3D render of GAMA C2 module

Computer Vision module

An advanced and robust module for providing vessels with enhanced situational awareness. The Computer Vision module applies Greenrooms proprietary machine learning and computer vision algorithms to develop a comprehensive and complete environmental picture to aid navigation, and collision avoidance through increased situational awareness.

3D render of GAMA Computer Vision module

Power module

The Power Module is custom designed to ensure longevity, reliability and performance for Maritime Autonomous Systems. The module uses an array of modern Lithium-Ion batteries combined with custom power management electronics and ventilation controls. This produces a self-contained power system that doesn’t require additional charging equipment. The module has a LCD screen to display battery health and a rugged switch to easily select power modes.

3D render of GAMA Power module

Communications and Radar module

An adaptable and robust mast arrangement to house all communications, radar and navigation sensors for remote and autonomous maritime systems. The innovative design includes AIS, radar, communications as well as an  integrated computer to pre-process sensor data enabling a single line of communications to the main computer, simplifying the installation, use and automation of maritime vessels.

3D render of GAMA Communication and Radar module

Sonar module

The sonar module uses world leading subsea sensors to obtain seafloor and water column data to provide detailed information and guidance on subsea structures, offsets and tidal data. Due to the range in client needs, hull forms and budgets, the sonar module is custom designed by greenroom to perfectly fit the needs and requirements of our clients. 

Use Cases?

The field of maritime autonomy has the potential to revolutionise all aspects of maritime operations, from civilian craft, ferries and commercial shipping, through to military and research ships and boats. Different applications will require different levels of autonomy, and that’s why this range is modular. Different technologies can be applied where needed, from machine-learning enabled lookout detection for manned ships, to fully autonomous control systems. The current range of GAMA products have applications in all of these industries, but there are undoubtedly other use cases.

Pilot assistant

It is estimated that 75% – 96% of maritime incidents are a result of human error ( GAMA system integration aims to enhance the situational awareness of ship pilots and crews to improve safety and reduce incidents. GAMA systems provide a realtime data display to give vessel masters and pilots an accurate and comprehensive knowledge of all surface and subsurface hazards and vessels to enable them to make informed decisions.

Uninhabited Surface Vessels (USV)

USVs are becoming a popular tool in maritime survey, defence and research applications. These systems are typically remotely piloted with a human in the loop control system, with situational awareness being a key to successful and safe operations. As with the inhabited vessel assistant, GAMA integration can provide a comprehensive environmental picture for USV pilots to ensure safe navigation and control. 

Autonomous surface vessel (ASV)

Our passion is autonomy, and our ASV control system is currently under development and testing. True autonomy is complex and Greenroom is working tirelessly with industry and regulatory stakeholders to develop a robust control system to achieve the next generation of safe, autonomous operations.