Automating analytics and mapping with AniML

Animal Machine Learning (AniML) is Greenroom Robotics applied machine learning software suite designed for large scale automated analysis of UAV (drone) imagery or video to find animals and conduct surveys.

It is not limited to animals, however, in the current agriculture space there seems a significant need for applied machine learning strategies to assist with data driven decision making, hence, our focus on the animal space, that’s for now anyway.

Data processing can be a significantly daunting task, taking unnecessary time and resources with results that can be significantly skewed by a number of human factors. Still, in this modern age with the increase of technology there is no easy or automated way to classify and map what is found by a UAV into a format that can be used to make real word decisions.

Currently the industry standard is using teams of analysts to view video or imagery and manually record positions and classifications.

This is where AniML comes into play, imagine being able to have accurate results from UAV imagery in not a matter of days, or weeks but the on the same day as the UAV mission is flown all at the press of a button.

This is our mission and is what we have been working hard developing for the past two years, accurate and automated classification and mapping of UAV imagery at the press of a button using our in-house computer vision and machine learning strategies.

The software is currently being used, tested and continually developed to be able to bring automated data driven solutions for our clients and strategic partners. If you are interested in animal mapping or customised processing solutions, we would love to hear from you!