On the hidden battlefields of history’s first known cyber-war, the casualties are piling up. In the US, many banks have been hit, and the telecommunications industry seriously damaged – likely in retaliation for major cyber attacks on Iran. Washington, Beijing, and Moscow are ramping up their cyber-arsenals, built on a black-market digital arms bazaar, enmeshing tech giants such as Google, and Apple. The resulting internet of hacked things already includes cars, building management systems, ATMs, TV stations, traffic lights, and steel mills. Here in Australia we are already taking such casualties with many of us still not realizing we are even exposed and in the fight.

Cyber security can be an intense concept, evolving with our connectivity to cyberspace. Cyber attacks could be something as simple as hacking a phone or facebook account, or much more complex penetration of protected networks or hardware. This new battle-dimension is everywhere and we, as individuals and as organisations, are already in the fight. The scale of the concept can be overwhelming, but it’s an important one to understand, because as our tech-reliance grows, so does our vulnerability to cyber attack – whether information espionage, or physical sabotage.

 Managing your health in cyber space is critical for cyber security. Implementing even just the basic security measures will drastically increase your network protection.