Exponential Labeling

Data Science is the glue that holds all this together! Getting data, managing it, analysing it, and then applying it. That’s where the magic is. We focus on imagery and video. Still, these are all 1s and 0s! So there’s a data pipeline that needs to be constructed and optimised so that the end-user only sees what they need, when they need. Ultimately we aim to preempt problems and go-beyond with the solutions.

In house labelling in with product

Exponential labeling is a concept we’ve developed and patented where we use our unique data pipeline to help speed up the label generation process. This is typically a critical and painful stage of dataset generation for data scientists, but with exponential labeling we can generate models quicker, allowing us to then focus on adding value through analytics and data visualization strategies.

Final Product

We use our custom software in conjunction with Machine Learning and Computer vision to exponentially increase the speed to label and analyse data. The software ‘learns’ over time and improves itself to best recognise and detect objects of interest to further develop machine learning algorithms and labelled datasets.