Rapid Prototyping

The engineering team at Greenroom has completed thousands of CAD design for various components across many industries. If you require a product to be designed quickly and to a high standard, Greenroom is the answer. We use industry standard software capable of high quality renders, structural analysis, weight analysis and feasibility, manufacturing feasibility and much more. Past jobs include:

  • Designing of hobby drone frame (<5 days)
  • Weight study of lightweight drone (<3 days)
  • Design and manufacture of waterproof control panel (<1 week)
  • Various mounts for project car conversions (<2days)
  • Concept design of 7.5m electric boat (<2weeks)

Watertight 3D Printing

Our Photocentric Liquid Crystal display is a high resolution resin printer that we specifically imported from the UK for fast, strong and watertight 3d printing. We can choose flexibility, strength and colours.


We’ve automated a range of systems for our own bookkeeping, time tracking, database maintenance, video processing, and machine learning model generation and management. If you’ve got a pain point – especially a repeatable one – then we can code a solution to automate and take care of it.