Custom design, built and tested payloads

We’ve built custom drones (for racing, monitoring sea-surface temperatures, and just for fun). We’ve built and integrated custom drone payloads for clients (e.g. thermal cameras on DJI to be flown underground for miners). We’ve built subsea Remotely Operated Vehicles, integrated Unmanned Surface Vessels, and have even programmed and deployed artificial behaviours for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles.

Custom UAV platform for autonomously mapping sea-surface temperature monitoring.

We can achieve this broad range of applications because the core principles are the same for robotics and control systems! And we comprehensively understand those core principles.

Our suite of custom payloads for maritime autonomy applications.

Our current pipeline and software that we use to detect, classify and geo-reference animals, can now be integrated with other robotics systems for different applications. This means we’re able to adapt our core framework and control systems for design, and integration of custom systems.