Greenroom alumni have a passion for maritime engineering and robotics, with the founders meeting whilst studying at the Australian Maritime College.

Our passion for sailing and field robotics meant than when we had the opportunity to be involved in the SuperFoiler sailing project we jumped at the chance.

SuperFoiler are high performance hydrofoiling trimarans with a crew of three sailors designed for thrilling racing.

For Greenroom this project was to develop the human interfaces, control hardware and software that communicates with the onboard computer allowing the adjustment of the angles of the hydrofoils which control the ride height of the superfoiler, much like how a pilot controls the flaps on an aeroplane to control it’s altitude.

The boats are subject to extreme conditions whilst sailing which adds an extra level of complexity in design to ensure the components are reliable even when submerged up to 2m underwater if the boats capsize.

The project is still ongoing with the development phase nearing completion, we are excited to be able to share more information in the coming weeks as development continues.

We cant wait to see the boats back on the water once again with the improved control interface engineered by Greenroom Robotics.