James Keane

Managing Director
BEng Hons (Naval Architecture), BBus(Entrepreneurship), GCertArts(Philosophy)
• Technical background in field robotics research and operations, maritime engineering, and
computer vision
• International experience leading engineering research projects
• Cutting-edge design and deployment of survey strategies using field robotics
• Systems engineering management and leadership positions within Australian defence

James is racing the 75th Rolex Sydney to Hobart this year aboard Happy Wanderer.

Zac Pullen

Lead Engineer
BEng Hons (Ocean Engineering)
• Experienced in remotely operated vehicle design, integration and testing through software
and hardware development
• Experience in developing survey techniques and payloads for UAV data collection.
• Computer programmer in over 5 languages in many disciplines
• Computer vision and machine learning
• Innovative and passionate about applying technology and engineering methods to solving challenging real world problems

Zac happens to be State Champ of Victoria for kite foil racing and is a regular on the nationals sailing circuits.

Harry Hubbert

Technical Director
BEng Hons (Naval Architecture)
• Engineer Australia’s Innovative Engineer of the year finalist 2019
• Machine Learning
• Automation engineer for maritime autonomous systems
• Design and deployment of survey strategies and post-processing methodologies for defence
• Systems engineering management and leadership positions within Australian defence

Harry is an allround whizkid, drone racer and was even named among the Young Innovative Engineers of 2019 by Engineers Australia.

Mitch Pearson

Project Manager & Media
BEng Hons (Naval Architecture), BEng Hons (Chemical)
• Project manager at Greenroom robotics
• Background in Naval Architecture and Process Engineering
• Semi professional sports photographer and cinematographer including RPA content
• Skills in design and construction, project management and media

Mitch is the responsible one of the group. That’s how he can be an avid kitesurfer, surfer, windsurfer and can even manage a semi-pro side hustle as a sailing photographer on the side

Kat Pearson

Research Engineer

BEnG Hons (Naval Architecture)
• PhD in Engineering (dynamics of a seismic air gun)
• Experienced in computer programming focused on analytical modelling, data analysis and system identification
• Experience in image post processing
• Systems engineering