The secret to all of our products and projects is the Greenroom Platform - a modular set of software tools developed through our many years of experience in robotics, maritime autonomy and computer vision. Our platform is continually improving which means your system won't get stuck in the past.

Fully Flexible

Our platform runs anywhere and can morph to solve your problem.

Platform agnostic

Helicopter, airplane, drone, car, boat, submarine or static. Works anywhere.

Sensor agnostic

Advanced data fusion - GPS, Optical, Longwave, LIDAR, Sonar and more.

Compute agnostic

Process anywhere - Embedded, Edge or Cloud.

Task agnostic

Configurable to any goal - Perception, Control, Autonomy, Analytics

Powers all Greenroom Products such as Vision AI
Runs on DDS for fast, dependable real-time data exchange
Compatible with other protocols such as Mavlink, UMAA and NMEA2k
Reliable communications with configurable QoS across either TCP/IP or serial connections
Connects to our advanced robotic simulator for testing and synthetic data generation
Can run alongside your existing software system on x86 or ARM on either Linux or Windows
Plug and play drivers for hundreds of common robotic and maritime sensors
Compatible with C++, Python, Node.js, C, Rust and more
Designed with testing and assurance through ISO 26262


The key to the Greenroom Platform is marrying traditional Computer Vision with the latest Machine Learning methods using Vision AI, and our in-house development tools (such as Geolabel). This allows us to create fast, reliable detection and classification pipelines. This is a critical first step in solving advanced autonomy and control problems.


All our products are built on the Greenroom Platform. This means they connect together seamlessly like software lego blocks.


Maritime Autonomy
A turnkey solution to maritime autonomy and remote control - just BYO boat.


Maritime Operations System
A Maritime Operations System to consolidate your sensor and operational data into one place for planning and analysis.


Optical Radar
An optical radar for detecting vessels, animals, navigation markers and hazards to help you navigate the waters safely.


Mission Simulator
A bi-directional mission simulation environment. Simulate scenarios or stream real-time or historic mission data into a virtual environment for training and analysis.

Test and evaluation at its heart

Developing, fast, reliable, production-ready robotic systems isn’t easy. This is why a key feature of the Greenroom Platform is our automated test and evaluation system which assesses the performance and speed implication of any software changes we make. This allows us to apply agile software development and modern systems engineering with confidence.

Tried and tested in the real world

The Greenroom Platform is currently running on projects in harsh and challenging real-world environments, from boats to fixed-wing and rotary crewed and uncrewed aerial vehicles.