Greenroom Robotics are an Australian based network of engineers and researchers focused on solutions for field robotics and artificial intelligence. The GreenRoom Robotics network covers cutting-edge research, through to implementation of international engineering, robotics and automation projects.

Greenroom Robotics first venture is being driven under Greenroom Aerobotics. Our flagstone project is SkyDog - an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) payload using Thermal Vision in combination with our custom Computer Vision and Machine Learning capability. This combination enhances an off-the-shelf drone with capacity to autonomously search, detect, track and classify anything with a heat signature in the designated search environment. Initially this is being optimised for clients in the agricultural sector.

Visit our flagship project SkyDog at GreenRoom Aerobotics

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When a wave breaks and barrels, a surfer inside sees the water turn from blue to green. A reward for being in the right spot at the right time through dedication, preparation and instinct earned by experience. GreenRoom Robotics focus on solutions to autonomous challenges to put your operations in that same position. Welcome to the GreenRoom.


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