Hunt & Gather Data

Greenroom robotics applies modern data analysis techniques and artificial intelligence to unmanned aerial vehicle footage. We are focusing on analysing thermal vision with computer vision and machine learning to find, identify and geo-tag animals.

It’s a big source of inspiration for us that whenever we talk about our capability with farmers or UAV operators, they always think of a new way that this technology would help them with their property.

This feeds our core business of using data to provide our clients with efficient, accurate and secure insights so they can make informed decisions about their business and assets. We have developed models and demonstrations showing the applicability of Attenborough for stock monitoring,pest control, conservation and security applications.

Automated processing with AniML

AniML (Animal Machine Learning) is Greenroom Robotics applied machine learning software suite designed for large scale automated analysis of UAV (drone) imagery or video to detect and map animals over large areas


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