A Maritime Operations System to consolidate your sensor and operational data into one place for planning and analysis.
Suitable for:
  • Submersibles and Submarines
  • AUVs, ROVs, USVs
  • Gliders
  • Autonomous Landers
Digitises onboard and offboard operational workflows
At sea hosting with cloud backups
Automated reporting, one click to generate comprehensive mission summaries
Multi-asset and multi-sensor data visualisation and exploration
Accessible from any device on your network, phones, tablets and computers
Converts disparate sensor formats into a structured, time-series database for analysis

How It Works

Step 1

Install MarOps on your vessel (if there is no internet access) or in the cloud

Step 2

Work with our team to create mission templates and sensor data flows

Step 3

Plan your mission - define checklists, forms, assets, sensors and more

Step 4

Execute your mission and collect data

Step 5

Analyse the results and generate reports

Limiting Factor

A tailored MarOps version was deployed last year for the Triton 36,000/2 Deep Submergence Vessel (or DSV Limiting Factor) - the world's deepest diving submersible - and a fleet of autonomous landers. MarOps has become a core tool for this sub as it explores the deepest depths of the ocean.


Define custom forms and checklists for each stage of your mission. Keep your whole team in sync.


Keep track of operational events and log data from all your assets and sensors. MarOps is your digital logbook.


Explore you data like never before. Say goodbye to clunky raw logs as you explore all your data from all asset and sensors with ease.


Conduct planning in the office on a desktop. Operations from the bridge on a tablet. Log events from a phone on a tender. MarOps works everywhere.


Unified Insights

By centralising maritime data, make quicker, more informed decisions to optimize operations.

Operational Smoothness

Seamless maritime workflows lead to reduced delays and improved task efficiency.

Accurate Decision Making

Use of real-time updated data ensures decisions are based on the most current information, minimizing errors.

Team Synergy

Enhanced collaborative tools foster better communication and teamwork, leading to faster, more efficient outcomes.

Reduced Rework

Streamlined data processes mean fewer inconsistencies, saving valuable time spent on corrections.

Time Efficiency

With automated processes, focus more on strategic operations and less on manual data corrections.

Quick Comprehension

Clear visualisations allow for a faster understanding of complex maritime scenarios, aiding in effective decision-making.

Streamlined Workflows

Consistent standardisation across operations simplifies processes and shortens the learning curve.

Operational Flexibility

The capability for customisation ensures the software meets specific operational needs, enhancing alignment with goals.

Future-Proof Operations

A digitisation focus prepares operations for smoother integrations with upcoming technological advancements.


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