Human Portable AUV Operations

Enhance your human portable AUV operations with MarOps, tailored to boost efficiency and adaptability in smaller-scale subsea missions. This dynamic software ensures quality assurance in procedures, seamless dive data logging, and automated ‘one-click’ report generation, leading to optimised processes and increased situational awareness.
Digitise operational workflows for efficiency and accuracy, eliminating paper checklists and spreadsheets
Real-time synchronisation keeps all team members informed, on and off-board
Accessible from any web-based device for flexibility and instant data access
Centralised reporting simplifies post-mission tasks and supports data-driven planning
Visualise multi-sensor data efficiently to improve understanding and decision-making
Optimise processes to minimise data duplication and enhance mission effectiveness and efficiency

Why MarOps?

Streamlined Operations and Advanced Data Management

MarOps enhances human portable AUV operations by standardising and digitising procedures, replacing manual checklists and spreadsheets with a systematic approach that minimises errors. As a centralised hub for data management, MarOps efficiently organises and processes vital operational data, essential for the limited space and resources of human portable AUV operations. This streamlined process ensures operations are based on accurate, comprehensive information, crucial for the precision required in complex underwater tasks.

Automated Reporting and Enhanced Operational Safety

The software's automated report generation feature significantly reduces administrative workload, allowing the highly specialised teams to focus on strategic decision-making and operational analysis. MarOps enhances operational safety and efficiency by transitioning to digital logs and automated processes, ensuring precision and consistency in tasks.

Global Accessibility and Adaptability

With MarOps being accessible from any web-based device, it offers global accessibility and flexibility, providing comprehensive operational oversight for missions across various regions. This adaptability makes MarOps invaluable for the diverse operational needs of human portable AUV fleets. Whether it's environmental monitoring or hydrographic mapping, MarOps meets these requirements, positioning itself as a dynamic, forward-thinking solution in the unmanned underwater vehicle operations domain.

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