GAMA | Greenroom Robotics
A turnkey solution to maritime autonomy and remote control - just BYO boat.
Ideal for:
  • Tactical Craft
  • Survey Vessels
  • Pleasure Boats
  • Uncrewed Surface Vessels (USVs)

Turns your vessel into an Autonomous Surface Vessel (ASV)
Support for all vessels <15m
Can be fitted to new or existing vessels
Navy compatible through DDS
Compatible with NMEA 2000, CAN and more
COLREGS aware autonomy, path planning and navigation
Supports optionally crewed operations
Optional backseat driver configuration
Integrates with Cloud Control
Designed for safety authority and class certification

Fully modular

Multi-sensor support

Advanced data fusion - Optical, IR, RADAR, LIDAR, Sonar, AIS and more.

Flexible comms

Compatible with Satellite, 4G, 5G, Long range WiFi and encrypted RF comms systems

Advanced control

Supports Remote control, Autonomy, Waypointing, Grid search, Patrols and more


Suitable for remote sensing or inhabited vessels


(Bring Your Own Boat)

Suitable for both OEM boat builders and retrofit, GAMA can be tailored to suit your mission and payload needs.

Want GAMA?

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