Autonomous Yacht Tender

Elevate the luxury yacht experience with an autonomous yacht tender, seamlessly providing support, service, and entertainment to super yachts and pleasure vessels.
Effortlessly steer your tender via smartphone, control your vessel from your bed or the beach club
Enjoy the freedom of having your tender available anytime, perfect for spontaneous plans
Let GAMA handle the tender, freeing your crew for other important tasks on board
Offer your guests the pinnacle of safety without sacrificing style
Keep track of the tender's location and status effortlessly
Increase the safety of your assets by tracking and navigational assistance to prevent damage and increase lifespan


Sophisticated Control and Enhanced Experience

Integrating GAMA into the operations of a yacht tender elevates the luxury yacht experience, blending style and convenience for yacht owners and fleet managers. This enhanced yacht tender, controlled effortlessly via smartphone and powered by GAMA, offers unmatched convenience and advanced technology. Harness the luxury of remote steering to enhance your yachting experience, offering seamless control and elevated sophistication on the open seas

Readiness for Spontaneous and Planned Voyages

Always ready for any adventure, a GAMA-equipped autonomous yacht tender ensures a seamless and worry-free yachting experience. Be it for spontaneous adventures or planned voyages, the GAMA-powered tender is always prepared, adding to the luxury and freedom of the yachting lifestyle. This readiness enhances every aspect of the yachting experience, making every journey a memorable one.

Seamless Integration for Optimal Luxury and Safety

The incorporation of GAMA in managing tender operations streamlines its functionality while also allowing the yacht crew to focus on providing enhanced onboard services. This perfect blend of advanced technology and attentive service wraps guests in an atmosphere of unparalleled luxury. The sophisticated design of the tender, combined with the safety features offered by GAMA, assures guests of both safety and style. It transforms the yacht tender from a mere vessel into an elegant extension of the yacht itself, providing an unmatched experience in luxury yachting.


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