Large Optionally Crewed Surface Vessels (LOSV’s)

In the ever-evolving maritime domain, command of the sea is crucial. The GAMA software is designed to revolutionize maritime operations through the deployment of Large Optionally Crewed Surface Vessels (LOSVs), ushering in a new era of naval capability and flexibility. Greenroom’s cutting-edge autonomy package equips LOSVs to fulfill a variety of roles—from logistics and supply missions to persistent surveillance and support operations—ensuring that your fleet remains versatile and formidable in both current and future maritime environments.
Lower cost and crewing impact
24/7 operational run-time
COLREGS aware autonomy, path planning and navigation
Retrofit or new build
Enhance human operators, reducing crewing and increasing safety


Enhanced Operational Efficiency: Do More with Less

At the heart of GAMA’s software design is the guarantee of unparalleled operational efficiency. By integrating advanced AI and robotics, LOSVs equipped with our software not only perform a wider range of missions but do so with unmatched precision and speed. This leap in capability means tasks that were once thought complex or unfeasible are now within reach, dramatically expanding operational possibilities. Enhanced efficiency comes from GAMA's ability to process vast amounts of data in real-time, offering insights and bridging capability gaps, only possible through cutting-edge AI technology. This enables smarter decision-making, optimised mission planning, and the execution of tasks with minimal human oversight, ensuring that your fleet achieves more with less.

Cost Reduction: Economising Operations Across the Board

GAMA’s software directly contributes to significant cost savings in several key areas. First, by reducing the need for large crews, it dramatically lowers the operational expenses associated with manpower. Second, GAMA's intelligent path planning algorithms ensure that LOSVs follow the most fuel-efficient routes, lowering fuel consumption considerably. Lastly, by optimising the use of onboard systems and machinery, the software minimises wear and tear, leading to fewer maintenance issues and longer intervals between necessary repairs. Together, these factors contribute to a substantially lower cost and crewing impact of maritime operations, making GAMA not just a technological investment, but a financially savvy one as well.

Human Machine Teaming: Enhancing Situational Awareness and Insight

GAMA’s approach to autonomy is not about replacing humans but augmenting their capabilities. By fostering effective human-machine teaming, the software enhances situational awareness and provides deeper insights into operational environments. The systems enabling autonomy offer real-time data analysis and decision support, allowing human operators to make more informed decisions and maintain a strategic advantage. This synergy between human intuition and machine intelligence creates a powerful operational dynamic, where each complements the other, leading to safer, more effective maritime missions.

Empower Your Fleet with GAMA Software

Embrace a future where operational efficiency, cost reduction, and enhanced human-machine teaming redefine what's possible at sea. With the GAMA software, your LOSVs are not just vessels but advanced platforms that promise a smarter, more economical, and deeply integrated approach to maritime operations. Join us in setting a new standard for naval excellence with GAMA at the helm.


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