GAMA Tactical has been fine tuned to provide ultimate autonomy performance for high speed vessels.
Navy compatible through DDS
Can be fitted to new or existing vessels
Suitable for high-speed craft
Optional backseat driver configuration
Optimised control hierarchies
Deployable remote ground station

In the high-stakes world of military operations, every advantage counts. The difference between success and failure can often hinge on the ability to innovate and adapt. This is especially true for military tactical craft, which are instrumental in transporting personnel swiftly and safely during missions.

Traditionally, operating these crafts has necessitated one or two boat operators onboard. This requirement significantly impacts the craft's payload capacity—about 200kg—and increases the risks faced by these personnel in the field. However, the landscape is about to change dramatically.

Enter GAMA Tactical, a groundbreaking software product that offers a transformative solution to these challenges. Designed for remote control, monitoring, and enabling basic autonomy behaviours for optionally crewed maritime vessels of less than 15m in length, GAMA Tactical is poised to redefine military tactical craft operations.

By leveraging GAMA Tactical, military units can automate the operation of their tactical craft, eliminating the need for onboard boat operators. This not only frees up approximately 200kg of payload capacity but also significantly reduces the risk to personnel by removing the need for vessel operators to be present in potentially dangerous scenarios.

Imagine a scenario where a craft could autonomously drop personnel off in a designated location and depart the area without any need for human pilots or operators on the vessel. This is the reality that GAMA Tactical is facilitating, offering a safer, more efficient way to conduct tactical craft operations.

GAMA Tactical integrates seamlessly with existing onboard computer systems and hardware configurations. It allows propulsion and helm control, while also consuming vessel sensors data required for user display and facilitating autonomy behaviours.

Control and monitoring of the GAMA Tactical system are executed through a compatible Remote Command Unit (RCU). The RCU enables offboard remote pilotage, basic autonomy behaviours, and mission planning and execution while providing operators with real-time information including sensor data, video feeds, and S57 maritime charts.

Communication between the vessel and the RCU is conducted via encrypted TCP/IP communications, agnostic to the specific communication hardware. This ensures a flexible solution that can adapt to the unique requirements of each use case.

With its ambitious technology roadmap, the future holds even more promise. Enhanced situational awareness, auxiliary control, and advanced autonomy and obstacle avoidance behaviours are all on the horizon for GAMA Tactical.

As we step into this new era of autonomous military operations, GAMA Tactical is at the forefront, proving that innovation and adaptability are the keys to operational efficiency and safety in the challenging environment of military tactical craft operations.


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