Submersible Support Vessel

Enhance deep-sea submersible operations with GAMA, providing superior support vessel capabilities in navigation, adaptability, and safety. GAMA transforms support vessels into critical autonomous assets for deep-sea exploration, providing strengthened mission support and efficiency.
Provide precision navigation support for complex submersible operations, including autonomous communication nodes and uncrewed platform mothership capability
Broaden the scope and efficiency of submersible operations
Offer an additional layer of safety by providing real-time navigational support to submersibles
Submersible operations are lengthy, GAMA enables support craft to be uncrewed and the support vessel to track and provide communications to submersibles
Tailored support for various ROV operations - research, exploration, or commercial use


Provide Precision Navigation and Enhanced Support

GAMA provides advanced autonomy features, enabling support vessels to offer precise navigational guidance and support to deep-sea submersibles. This precision is essential for navigating the complexities of the deep ocean, where accurate positioning and timing can significantly impact the success of scientific research and exploration missions. GAMA's navigation solutions ensure that submersibles are deployed and operated within optimal parameters, enhancing mission outcomes and safety.

Cost Effective Submersible Operations with GAMA

GAMA significantly reduces the need for large crew sizes in deep-sea submersible support operations, directly addressing and lowering workforce costs, which are among the highest expenses in maritime operations. It also employs advanced path-planning algorithms to ensure support vessels navigate the most fuel-efficient routes, substantially reducing fuel consumption. This dual focus on minimising crew requirements and optimising fuel usage directly leads to lower operational costs. By enhancing fuel efficiency and reducing reliance on extensive crewing, GAMA presents a streamlined, cost-effective approach for deep-sea exploration, focusing on the critical areas of crewing and fuel expenses to achieve overall economic efficiency.

Optimise Operational Efficiency and Communication

GAMA significantly improves the efficiency of support vessel operations by streamlining mission logistics and coordination. This results in a more effective use of resources and time, enabling more ambitious and comprehensive exploration missions. Furthermore, GAMA ensures seamless communication between support vessels and submersibles, a critical factor for successful mission execution. This communication capability facilitates real-time decision-making and operational adjustments, ensuring that submersibles can safely and effectively achieve their mission objectives.


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