A bi-directional mission simulation environment. Simulate scenarios or stream real-time or historic mission data into a virtual environment for training and analysis.
Ideal for:
  • Testing Maritime Autonomy
  • Creating Digital Twins
  • 3D Common Operating Pictures
  • Synthetic data generation
Bi-directional. Can simulate a virtual world or reflect the real world through digital twins
Easy integration with any UMAA compliant or DDS system
Supports sensors such as AIS, Radars, Optical Radars, GPS and more
Test real-world systems against simulated data
Test simulated systems against real-world data
Virtual 3D environments using the latest game engine technology
Data capture for replay and analysis
Works out of the box with GAMA and Lookout+

How It Works

Step 1

Install MIS-SIM in your cloud or your local simulation server

Step 2

Work with our team to design a digital twin of your robotic system with simulated sensor inputs

Step 3

Use MIS-SIM to Rehearse, Operate and Replay your missions.


Run multi-asset simulated missions with both surface and sub-surface robots. Test your systems under varying environmental conditions before you go live.


Monitor your real-world deployed systems in a 2D & 3D Common Operating Picture. Make informed decisions based on real-time data.


Replay & analyse data from scenario rehearsals and real-world operations.


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