An optical radar for detecting vessels, animals, navigation markers and hazards to help you navigate the waters safely.
Suitable for boats of all sizes and types
Realtime detection, classification and tracking using Vision AI
Advanced data-fusion across Optical, IR, radar and AIS sensors
Retrofit to existing vessels or integrated into new vessels
Outputs detections to autonomy systems such as GAMA
Range and bearing estimation for tracked targets
DDS/UMAA compatible

How It Works

Step 1

Install Lookout+ Compute unit on your vessel

Step 2

Install cameras or connect your existing cameras

Step 3

Configure alerts matching your objectives such as unmarked hazards, marine mammals, or other vessels

Step 4

Conduct safer and more efficient maritime operations

90° FOV

A human lookout can usually only focus on a 30 degree segment of ocean. Lookout+ supercharges this. It scans a 90° segment and reports its findings. Multiple units can be combined for 360 coverage.

Reduces fatigue

Shifts the lookout workload from human to AI. Simply create alerts for different scenarios. For example, "Marine mammal detected" or "Obstacle straight ahead".


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