Marine Biologists and Researchers

Identifying, counting and tracking animals to aid researchers in complex and hard environmental research.

Marine biologists and researchers face a daunting task when collecting data on marine animals in their natural habitats. The vast and often inaccessible nature of these environments presents significant challenges in tracking, identifying, and counting animal populations. With limited resources and time, efficiency is critical to data collection for researchers. This is where Lookout+ steps in, offering a transformative solution for the field of marine research.

Lookout+ is an advanced optical radar system designed to aid marine biologists and researchers in their quest to better understand our oceans. Leveraging cutting-edge Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, Lookout+ can autonomously identify, track, and catalogue marine animals, providing crucial data to researchers with unprecedented efficiency and accuracy.

Navigating complex marine environments often requires extended periods of vigilant observation to spot elusive species like turtles, seabirds, and marine mammals. Lookout+ simplifies this task by constantly scanning the environment with a combination of day and night cameras, detecting and documenting these creatures' presence even under challenging conditions.

Lookout+ goes beyond mere detection. Once it identifies an animal of interest, it captures images, geolocates the sighting, and can even estimate the animal's size. This wealth of data enables researchers to conduct detailed population studies, monitor animal behavior, and track migration patterns, all with minimal human intervention.

The potential of Lookout+ in marine research extends to environmental protection efforts. By providing detailed, real-time data on marine life, Lookout+ can assist in developing effective strategies for species preservation, contributing to global conservation efforts.

Lookout+ transforms marine research, turning the arduous task of data collection into an efficient, automated process. With its ability to continually monitor marine environments, identifying and cataloging animals with unprecedented precision, Lookout+ is an indispensable tool for today's marine biologists and researchers. It not only revolutionizes the way data is gathered but also opens up new possibilities for understanding and protecting our marine ecosystems.

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