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Vision AI

Perception Software

Modular tools to solve your detection, classification, tracking and geolocation problems.


Maritime Autonomy

A turnkey solution to maritime autonomy and remote control - just BYO boat.

Cloud Control

Common Control System

Centralised command and control for your fleet. Track, monitor sensor feeds and take control with 1 click.


Optical Radar

An optical radar for detecting vessels, animals, navigation markers and hazards to help you navigate the waters safely.

Subsea MS

Mission Management System

A Mission Management System to consolidate your sensor and operational data into one place for planning and analysis.


Mission Simulator

A bi-directional mission simulation environment. Simulate scenarios or stream real-time or historic mission data into a virtual environment for training and analysis.


Image Annotation Tool

Interactive labelling for your geo-spatial data. Geolocate, auto-annotate and train ML models in the cloud.

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