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Maritime Autonomy

A turnkey solution to maritime autonomy and remote control - just BYO boat.


Maritime Operations System

A Maritime Operations System to consolidate your sensor and operational data into one place for planning and analysis.


Optical Radar

An optical radar for detecting vessels, animals, navigation markers and hazards to help you navigate the waters safely.


Mission Simulator

A bi-directional mission simulation environment. Simulate scenarios or stream real-time or historic mission data into a virtual environment for training and analysis.

Vision AI

Perception Software

Modular tools to solve your detection, classification, tracking and geolocation problems.

Cloud Control

Common Control System

Centralised command and control for your fleet. Track, monitor sensor feeds and take control with 1 click.


Image Annotation Tool

Interactive labelling for your geo-spatial data. Geolocate, auto-annotate and train ML models in the cloud.

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