Marine Mammal Observation

Transform your maritime operations with Lookout+, the forefront of marine mammal detection technology. Lookout+ is designed for easy integration with existing or new vessels and their systems, offering unparalleled precision in the detection and monitoring of marine life. Discover how our cutting-edge system can not only streamline your operations but also significantly boost your competitive edge and ensure strict compliance with environmental regulations. Equip your fleet with Lookout+ and experience a new standard in operational efficiency, safety, and environmental stewardship. Reach out today to see how Lookout+ can revolutionise your approach to marine mammal observation and protection.
Automated Real-Time Detection - Enhances detection and tracking of marine mammals in real-time, reducing the need for continuous human observation.
Advanced Species Classification - Utilises Vision AI to improve the accuracy of different species identification, supporting detailed ecological studies.
Versatile Installation Options - Can be fitted on both existing vessels and new builds, ensuring broad application.
Reduced Human Dependency - Minimises observer fatigue by ensuring continuous and efficient monitoring, reducing the number of personnel needed on board.
Enhanced Marine Mammal Safety - Improves marine mammal safety with early detection capabilities that prevent collisions and reduce the impact of man-made noise.
Accurate Location Tracking - Provides precise location (range and bearing) of marine mammals, crucial for both avoidance and detailed behavioral studies.

What are Marine Mammal Observers (MMOs)?

Marine Mammal Observers (MMOs) are trained professionals who play a crucial role in protecting marine life during noisy underwater operations. They perform visual and acoustic monitoring, enforce mitigation measures to minimise noise impacts, and ensure marine areas are clear of mammals before operations begin. MMOs are vital in mitigating adverse effects such as behavioral changes and habitat disruption in marine mammals.

Why Lookout+?

Financial Efficiency through Advanced Technology

Lookout+ significantly reduces operational costs by minimising the need for multiple Marine Mammal Observers (MMOs) and associated personnel on board. The automation of detection and reporting processes not only cuts down administrative workload but also ensures that operations are halted only when absolutely necessary—thus minimising costly downtime. This precise operation reduces unnecessary operational pauses, often caused by human error in estimating distances to marine mammals, leading to more efficient and cost-effective maritime operations.

Environmental Protection 24/7

Our technology ensures around-the-clock detection and monitoring of marine mammals, vastly enhancing environmental protection efforts. Lookout+ provides early detection capabilities that prevent collisions and reduce the impact of man-made noise on marine life. This continuous surveillance is crucial for adhering to environmental regulations and helps in the proactive conservation of marine ecosystems, making it an invaluable tool for sustainable maritime operations.

Enhanced Safety with Reduced Human Involvement

By reducing the need for human observers, Lookout+ enhances safety aboard vessels. The technology reduces human exposure to potentially hazardous conditions at sea, thereby lowering the risk of accidents. This reduction in on-board personnel not only ensures compliance with safety standards but also contributes to the overall well-being of the crew, making maritime operations safer and more reliable.

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