Person Overboard Detection

Leverage advanced AI and machine learning to rapidly detect individuals who have fallen overboard. Lookout+ uses passive optical radar to identify and geolocate persons in water for immediate recovery.
Immediate Detection: Lookout+ provides real-time alerts the moment someone falls overboard, greatly increasing rescue chances.
Enhanced Accuracy: AI-powered perception minimises false alarms and ensures precise identification of people in the water.
Integration with Existing Systems: Lookout+ seamlessly integrates with your vessel's existing camera systems.
Continuous Monitoring: The system offers 24/7 surveillance, ensuring no incident goes unnoticed, day or night.
Automated Alerts: Automated alerts and notifications enable an immediate recovery response.
Cost-Effective Solution: Reduce the need for additional personnel and improve crew efficiency.

Saving Lives through Rapid AI-Enhanced Detection

Each year, a substantial number of people go overboard from vessels worldwide. According to recent statistics:

  • Approximately 300 people fall overboard annually from commercial and passenger ships, with a significant proportion of these incidents resulting in fatalities1.
  • The survival rate decreases significantly if the person is not rescued within the first hour, with only about 17% to 25% of overboard passengers surviving2.
  • In colder waters, crew members often have less than 11 minutes to recover someone before they become unresponsive due to cold water shock3.

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Why Lookout+?

Immediate and Accurate Response

Lookout+ ensures the immediate detection of individuals who have fallen overboard, significantly improving the chances of a successful rescue. By providing real-time alerts, the system allows crew members to respond instantly, enhancing the overall safety of everyone onboard. The moment someone goes overboard, Lookout+ identifies and tracks the individual, alerting the crew within seconds. This rapid response capability is crucial in emergencies, where every second counts.

Lookout+ utilises advanced AI-powered perception to accurately distinguish between actual overboard incidents and false alarms. This precision ensures that crew members are not distracted by unnecessary alerts and can focus their efforts on genuine emergencies. The system's ability to filter out false positives increases operational efficiency and reduces the likelihood of missed detections. By combining immediate detection with accurate identification, Lookout+ provides a comprehensive solution for managing person overboard incidents effectively and efficiently.

Cost-Effective Operations

Lookout+ helps improve your asset utilisation and efficiency by performing watchkeeping duties, reducing the need for additional personnel onboard. This system enables the crew to allocate their time and resources to more critical tasks, enhancing overall operational efficiency. The reduction in required headcount not only lowers labour costs but also optimises resource allocation, ensuring that the crew can perform more pressing duties without compromising safety.

By automating surveillance and detection processes, Lookout+ significantly lowers operational costs. The system's integration with existing vessel infrastructure means there are no substantial upfront costs for new equipment, and its maintenance is minimal. This cost-effective solution ensures that maritime safety is enhanced without burdening the vessel's budget. By streamlining operations and reducing manual watchkeeping requirements, Lookout+ provides a financially viable way to enhance safety and efficiency onboard.

Uninterrupted and High-Precision Monitoring

Lookout+ offers 24/7 surveillance, ensuring that no incident goes unnoticed, regardless of the time of day or weather conditions. The system's persistent monitoring capability means that it never tires or gets distracted, providing a reliable watch over your vessel at all times. This uninterrupted vigilance is vital for maintaining safety onboard and ensuring that any person overboard incident is detected immediately.

Lookout+ enhances your vessel's operational capabilities with its continuous monitoring and real-time alerts for person overboard incidents. The system's AI-powered perception technology ensures high accuracy in detecting and identifying individuals in the water, providing your crew with the tools they need to act swiftly and effectively in emergency situations.

Seamless Integration

The system's hardware-agnostic nature allows it to integrate seamlessly with your vessel's existing camera systems. This flexibility ensures that Lookout+ can be deployed without extensive modifications or additional hardware, making it a practical choice for enhancing maritime safety. The easy integration process means minimal disruption to your operations and a quick transition to improved safety protocols.

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