Workboat Capability Enhancement

The GAMA software transforms existing work boats, enhancing their capabilities and return on investment by enabling them to operate both as their original commercial vessels and as autonomous surface vessels with the simple flick of a switch. This innovative approach allows for versatile use in their primary functions or for autonomous tasks like data collection, offering the best of both worlds without the need for a dedicated autonomous boat.
Switch between crewed and autonomous operations, maximising utility and operational flexibility for current assets
Utilise workboats more effectively, reducing idle time by enabling additional autonomous tasks alongside primary functions
Improve safety by automating dangerous tasks
Enhance market competitiveness by offering advanced, versatile capabilities that meet the evolving demands of clients
Avoid the need to invest in separate autonomous vessels, offering significant financial savings and enhancing the return on investment for existing assets


Flexibility and Efficiency in Operations

The integration of GAMA into workboats equips them with unparalleled flexibility, allowing a seamless transition between crewed and autonomous operations. This dual capability enhances the vessel's utility, opening doors to a wider array of tasks such as autonomous data collection and surveying, which can now be executed without manual intervention. This operational efficiency significantly reduces idle time and broadens the scope of missions a single vessel can undertake. By effectively doubling the functionality of existing assets, operators can achieve a higher return on investment, making their fleet more versatile and valuable in the competitive maritime industry.

Cost Savings and Enhanced Safety with GAMA

Adopting GAMA's autonomous technology in workboats leads to substantial cost savings and safety enhancements. By reducing the reliance on large crews for certain operations, it directly lowers manpower expenses, one of the most significant operational costs. Moreover, automating tasks that are potentially hazardous reduce the risk to human life, prioritising crew safety while maintaining high operational standards. This approach not only ensures compliance with safety regulations but also protects the company's reputation by demonstrating a commitment to safeguarding its personnel. In the long run, these savings and safety improvements contribute to a more sustainable and financially sound operational model.

Environmental Impact and Competitive Edge

Incorporating GAMA into workboats optimises operations for better fuel efficiency, significantly reducing the environmental footprint of maritime activities. This optimisation is particularly crucial in today's eco-conscious market, where sustainable operations can set a company apart from its competitors. Furthermore, the enhanced data collection capabilities provided by autonomous operations allow for more comprehensive environmental monitoring and resource management. This technological edge enhances the company's market competitiveness, attracting clients seeking advanced, environmentally responsible maritime solutions. GAMA not only makes operations more efficient and safer but also positions companies as leaders in innovation and sustainability in the maritime sector.


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