ROV Support Vessel

Provide advanced ROV support with GAMA, offering cutting-edge maritime autonomy to support vessels, enhancing navigation, mission adaptability, and safety. GAMA's software elevates operational planning and execution, transforming support vessels into essential components of ROV missions.
AI-driven navigation for precise ROV deployment
Broaden the scope and efficiency of ROV operations
Secure communication links between ROVs and support vessels
Cut down on crewing costs through GAMA’s autonomous navigation capabilities
Tailored support for various ROV operations- research, exploration, or commercial use


Tailored Support and Seamless Coordination with GAMA

A GAMA-upgraded support vessel ensures seamless operation coordination through uninterrupted communication between the surface vessel and ROV. This setup facilitates real-time data exchange, crucial for dynamic mission management, and maintains operational consistency and effectiveness. With GAMA, the vessel becomes highly adaptable, providing tailored support based on specific ROV requirements and goals. This flexibility allows for a range of missions, from scientific research to commercial exploration.

Reduce Crewing and Project Costs

GAMA reduces the need for large crews in ROV support vessel operations, directly lowering labor costs which are a major part of project budgets. It uses path-planning algorithms for more fuel-efficient navigation, significantly cutting fuel expenses. This not only saves fuel but also aligns the operations of the vessel and ROVs efficiently, avoiding unnecessary strain on equipment. While the focus on reducing crew sizes and optimising fuel use directly cuts operational costs, it inadvertently reduces equipment wear and maintenance needs, further contributing to cost savings.

Streamlining Oceanographic Research with GAMA's Advanced Capabilities

In the realm of research, a GAMA-equipped support vessel greatly improves the gathering of wide-ranging oceanographic data, providing comprehensive insights essential for marine research. The high-quality data collection ensured by GAMA is vital for accurate oceanographic studies and analyses. The support vessel, with GAMA's capabilities, streamlines research operations by enabling efficient and thorough data collection during operations. This not only enhances the quality and scope of research insights but also plays a crucial role in risk mitigation in uncharted or hazardous underwater environments.


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