Small Unmanned Surface Vessel Operations

MarOps transforms reporting and significantly improves small Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV) operations by standardising processes, checklists, and data management. MarOps simplifies data handling, digitalises workflows, and ensures global data accessibility, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of maritime operations.
Transition from traditional to digital operations, eliminating the need for manual record-keeping
Stay informed with synchronised updates, crucial for coordinated small USV missions
Leverage the convenience of accessing operational data from any internet-enabled device
Centralise your mission reports for streamlined analysis and strategic planning
Harness the power of multi-sensor data for informed decision-making in diverse maritime operations
Reduce redundancy in data handling, optimising the effectiveness of your small USV operations.

Why MarOps?

Innovative Operational Enhancement

MarOps significantly improves the efficiency of small USV operations by digitising traditional methods. This shift to digital systems is particularly vital for complex maritime tasks such as oceanographic research and maritime security, where accuracy and timely data are essential. MarOps ensures precise operations, reducing the likelihood of errors and enhancing the reliability of data. This methodical approach to digitisation is key to advancing the capabilities of small USVs, making MarOps a critical tool for effective maritime operations.

Streamlined Reporting and Improved Safety Measures

MarOps streamlines the reporting process, enabling small scale teams to focus more on critical operational tasks. This efficiency is crucial in high-risk environments, ensuring the safety and integrity of operations. The automation of reporting processes not only saves time but also increases the accuracy of mission data. This precision is essential for sensitive missions like border surveillance or environmental assessments, where accurate data and swift decision-making are crucial.

Global Reach and Versatile Application

MarOps offers unmatched operational flexibility through its web-based platform, providing seamless access from any location. This feature is crucial for remote or onshore management of small USVs, being particularly useful in long-term missions. MarOps’ adaptability ensures it meets the diverse needs of small USV fleets, making it a vital tool for contemporary maritime operations. It’s ability to address the dynamic challenges of modern maritime missions through custom mission templates and sensor data flows, positions MarOps as a practical solution for today’s maritime operational needs

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