Large AUV Operations

Streamline Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) operations with efficient procedure quality assurance, dive data logging and automated report generation for enhanced management and operational situational awareness.
Digitise operational workflows, no more paper checklists or spreadsheets
Real-time synchronisation ensures that all teams both on board and off board have situational awareness
Accessible from any web-based device
Centralise reporting and post-mission analysis
Multi-sensor data visualisation and exploration capabilities
Avoid data duplication and optimise processes

Why MarOps?

Enhanced Situational Awareness in AUV Operations

MarOps standardises operational processes, significantly reducing the likelihood of errors, cutting down on training time, and eliminating inefficiencies in handling complex tasks. This standardisation not only streamlines operations but also ensures consistency in the quality of work. The MarOps software acts as a centralised hub for organising and processing vital data, which is a key outcome for subsea robotics operations. This centralisation simplifies data management, making it more accessible and interpretable.

One of MarOps’ standout features is the ability to automatically generate detailed reports. This functionality saves a considerable amount of time and effort for commanders and managers, allowing them to focus on more strategic aspects of their missions. Overall, Greenroom Robotics’ maritime operations system enhances the effectiveness, efficiency, and reliability of managing subsea robotic systems, making it an invaluable asset in this highly specialised domain.

Process Optimisation and Standardisation

In the context of AUV operations, the increasing standardisation of processes and the elimination of manual paper checklists and un-maintained Excel spreadsheets is crucial. Subsea robotics operations involve intricate and often high-risk tasks performed in challenging underwater environments. By adopting standardised procedures and transitioning to digital logs and automation, these operations can significantly minimise the potential for errors and improve overall efficiency.

MarOps enables remote monitoring, data analysis, and the detection of anomalies, ensuring that subsea tasks are carried out precisely and consistently. This modernisation through the MarOps software enhances safety, reduces downtime, and optimises the utilisation of subsea robotic systems, contributing to more effective exploration, maintenance, and repair of underwater assets.

Scalability and Global Accessibility for Diverse AUV Fleets

The web-based nature of the MarOps software allows for easy access from any location worldwide, offering enhanced flexibility and operational control. This global reach is particularly beneficial for extensive AUV deployments spanning multiple geographical regions, providing seamless coordination and effective management of an increasing number of AUVs. MarOps’ capability to adapt to the evolving needs of AUV fleets ensures its position as a sustainable, forward-thinking solution in the rapidly advancing field of unmanned underwater vehicle operations.

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