A New Wave: SubseaMMS Evolves into MarOps

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Blake Bond
Blake Bond

Originally designed to revolutionise subsea operations management, SubseaMMS has expanded its horizons, proving its efficacy beyond its initial purpose. Its evolution into a comprehensive tool that enhances all aspects of maritime operations marked the beginning of a new chapter. The decision to rebrand the Subsea Mission Management System as MarOps is a testament to this evolution, aligning with our broader vision of not just participating in but leading the transformation of maritime operations.

MarOps is designed to streamline and optimise a wide range of maritime tasks, offering increased efficiency, safety, and control to our valued customers. It encompasses a comprehensive suite of tools and features that facilitate mission planning, execution, and post-mission analysis, making it an indispensable asset for maritime professionals worldwide.

Key benefits and features of MarOps include:

  • Standardize processes and data capture throughout each mission phase: Planning, Execution, and Analysis,
  • Digitize operational logs,
  • Generate customized mission reports,
  • Log and access your data from any device, anytime,
  • Carry out easy historical analysis, and AI-enhanced operations.

Our dedication to delivering exceptional solutions remains unwavering, and existing clients will continue to enjoy the same high-quality service and support they have come to expect from SubseaMMS. Our team is committed to providing a seamless transition, and MarOps represents the next step in our ongoing journey to empower maritime professionals with the tools they need to excel.

For more information about MarOps and how it can benefit your maritime operations, please visit our site.


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