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Greenroom Robotics deliver next-generation software for maritime SAR

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Harry Hubbert
Harry Hubbert

Greenroom Robotics, under contract from IAS Asia Pacific Pty Ltd (IAS), has just released a next generation software engine for maritime search and rescue (SAR). This software was developed in close conjunction with IAS - for their clients in Australia and around the world. The SAR software will be integrated into IAS HeliSAR solution and fitted to helicopters and planes tasked with finding survivors, life rafts, and vessels at sea. HeliSAR is a very small form factor wide area search system designed to autonomously and quickly find search and rescue objects from Helicopters.

The SAR software leverages our Greenroom™ Vision AI technology platform. Greenroom™ Vision AI has been perfected by Greenroom Robotics over the past four years to efficiently process visual data to provide robust real-time insights using the latest in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision techniques. Greenroom™ Vision AI is domain independent and can be applied to any visual processing scenario or application.

Testing and trials have shown HeliSAR to be in the top tier of SAR solutions, setting a new benchmark as market leaders for SAR. This system is capable of detecting and tracking hundreds of targets at distances significantly beyond what was previously available in this market.

We are excited to deliver this capability to IAS and their clients to improve search and rescue capability around the world, ultimately saving lives at sea.

For any information about the services offered by Greenroom Robotics and how GreenroomTM Vision can be applied to other applications, please email


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Greenroom Robotics is proud to announce our sponsorship of Launceston College in the Subs in Schools Challenge State Final

Harry Hubbert
Harry Hubbert

Greenroom Robotics partnership with The Whiskey Project Group

The Greenroom Robotics team are honoured to today announce that we have been selected as a key technology partner supporting The Whiskey Project Group in developing their line of next generation tactical watercraft.

Harry Hubbert
Harry Hubbert