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Harry Hubbert
Harry Hubbert

Two members from Greenroom Robotics had the privilege of attending a Subs in Schools session at Launceston College in recent weeks. Greenroom Robotics is an industry sponsor for two teams at Launceston College, enabling them to compete at the state championships, and hopefully the national championships in 2022.

Both Harry Hubbert (CTO) and Zac Pullen (CIO) attended the college on 23 September 2021 to learn more about the teams, how they are progressing, and to provide insights to hopefully assist them in their engineering goals.

Coincidentally Harry and Zac first met in Launceston in 2012. “It was great to go full-circle and hopefully inspire the next generation of engineers and tech entrepreneurs” said Zac.

The Subs in Schools challenge is designed to embody “learn by doing” for school students. This challenge requires students to find sponsorship to participate and then conduct a range of tasks for assessment at the competitions, with various differing programs for different age groups. The most advanced program includes managing a social media campaign, public outreach to younger students and the construction, modification and development of a model submarine. The program culminates in a championship event where there teams will do a presentation to an assessment board as well as conduct an obstacle course style event with the model submarine.

Both Harry and Zac were extremely impressed with the progress and skills possessed by all team members. Harry observed “It was really amazing to meet the Year 11 students involved in both teams, and exciting to see young engineers in the making so motivated and passionate about engineering, hopefully one day we can have the opportunity for some of the team members to join Greenroom!”.

The Submarines include custom designed and 3D printed elements with dynamic ballistic and control systems within multiple water-tight bodies and complex electronics. The engineering skills are very evident, with the teams researching scientific papers and producing NACA foil control planes and sail that have been 3D printed and incorporated into the design.

Greenroom Robotics is honoured to be able to support young engineers progress their skills and work on exciting STEM projects, just like the Subs in Schools Program. Please follow the teams on Instagram and Facebook to support their social media campaign, links can be found below.


Greenroom Robotics - Full Ocean Depth Submersible Refit

Greenroom Robotics has proudly facilitated a major international refit of the DSV Limiting Factor, a remarkable two-person submersible that explores the deepest parts of the world’s oceans.

Harry Hubbert
Harry Hubbert

Proudly sponsoring the next generation of Sub Engineers

Greenroom Robotics is proud to announce our sponsorship of Launceston College in the Subs in Schools Challenge State Final

Harry Hubbert
Harry Hubbert