Software for robots. Robots for good.

Software for

At Greenroom, we are building the next generation of robotic software. This means cloud-native robotics. Think 3D, any device, works everywhere robotic software. We bring the latest and greatest in AI, VR and autonomous car technology to the world of maritime robotics allowing us to move seamlessly between simulation and the real world.

Robots for

We only work on Robotics and AI that makes the world a better place. This means we do Search and Rescue. We track and detect whales so ships can avoid them. We work on autonomy to make a ship captain's job safer and easier. We built MarOps to help document and protect the mysteries of the deep.

Exploring the

Exploration is in our nature. Our planet is 71% ocean but less than 20% of the ocean has been explored. Under the surface, promising discoveries beckon. Our oceans are the test-bed for the autonomous robotic machines humanity will one day use to explore the ultimate ocean, the cosmos.