Autonomy Enabler for Maritime systems - Greenroom Mission Manager

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Harry Hubbert
Harry Hubbert

Through extensive research and development, Greenroom has developed a Mission Management plugin, from the ground up. Utilizing the Greenroom Platform, our Mission Management plugin works seamlessly with any system running the platform, allowing for the rapid advancement from basic robotics to full autonomy.

The Greenroom platform incorporates the latest research with reliable and efficient software to produce trusted, capable and predictable robotic systems. Taking full advantage of multiple software technologies, including web technology (webtech), State Machines and modern Data Distribution Systems (DDS) Greenroom is developing autonomy-enabling technologies in record time.

With the flexibility of Web Technology, the robust and efficient data networking from DDS, and the ultra-safe properties of State Machines, Greenroom Robotics has produced a modern and future-proof robotic control plugin for the maritime domain. The Mission Manager plugin has been designed with a focus on safety, efficiency and performance giving Greenroom and our clients advanced autonomy and a future-proof robotic system.

The Greenroom Platform has applications in multiple industries and fields, if there is an autonomy, data analytics or sensor fusion challenge, we can help. For more information please reach out to


Powerful webtech User Interface with multiple live video streams.


Greenroom Geolabeller - Enriching datasets for real-world AI

Greenroom Robotics has released Geolabeller, a new AI training pipeline that enriches datasets for robust Machine Learning Models suitable for real-world applications. This tool introduces real-world context to Machine Learning datasets by seamlessly integrating geo-spatial metadata with training and validation imagery.

Harry Hubbert
Harry Hubbert

The Greenroom Robotics Team is growing

Greenroom Robotics has started the year with a strong surge, welcoming three new developers to the office! Our talented team are central to the development and delivery of our game-changing products, and we are excited to be welcoming three new high performing individuals into our team of multi-disciplinary tech wizards.

Harry Hubbert
Harry Hubbert