The Greenroom Robotics Team is growing

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Harry Hubbert
Harry Hubbert

Greenroom Robotics has started the year with a strong surge, welcoming three new developers to the office! Our talented team are central to the development and delivery of our game-changing products, and we are excited to be welcoming three new high performing individuals into our team of multi-disciplinary tech wizards.

Greenroom specialises in applying the latest in robotics software to solve real world problems. Russ, James, and Harry have joined our Sydney team and will bring their expertise to build on our strengths in artificial intelligence, advanced simulation, and robust robotics control.

Russ studied a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechatronics) at the Australian National University. He has worked at CSIRO Energy where he developed embedded systems for Heliostats in Concentrated Solar Power fields. After that he joined the Defence Science and Technology Group in Sydney where his main focus was on autonomy systems for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles and Unmanned Surface Vessels. Russ is passionate about learning and applying new technology to solving global challenges of the 21st century, and especially sees potential for use in environment and animal conservation.

James has joined us with a Bachelor of Nanotechnology and Post-Graduate Data Science degrees. He joins us with a focus on our machine learning platform Greenroom Vision, as well as keeping everyone on track with our general research and development methodologies. James has a passion for Data Analytics and Data Science and can’t wait to explore what is possible with the ever advancing field of applied Machine Learning and Analytics.

Harry spent the last five years at the University of Cambridge in the UK. He graduated in July 2021 with a Master of Engineering in Information & Electrical Sciences and Mechanical Engineering. During his time there, he was a member of the Autonomous Underwater Vehicles Society. Harry is passionate about robotics and the exciting future role that it has in solving complex and important problems. He is super interested in the multidisciplinary nature of robotics problems, stretching from CAD design and hardware development through to ML and computer vision.

We are so excited to have these talented people joining the team, and we can't wait to see what they come up with! We are always on the lookout for talented engineers, software developers and robotics wizards, if this is you then send us an email at


Autonomy Enabler for Maritime systems - Greenroom Mission Manager

Through extensive research and development, Greenroom has developed a Mission Management plugin, from the ground up.

Harry Hubbert
Harry Hubbert

Greenroom Software enabling Deep Sea Exploration

Greenroom has successfully deployed our Mission Management Software aboard the DSSV Pressure Drop while supporting operations at sea following the refit of the DSV Limiting Factor in Fremantle, WA.

Harry Hubbert
Harry Hubbert