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Harry Hubbert
Harry Hubbert

Greenroom is on a mission to make our oceans safer through robotics software and artificial intelligence. The seas are the lifeblood of our economies and existence, with over 90% of the world’s trade travelling by sea, and 40% of humans living coastally. Our mission is to develop cutting-edge Software for Robots, to increase safety, capability and efficiency across a number of maritime sectors.

We believe that with cutting edge technology, and innovative thinking, we can help increase safety and efficiency of real-world maritime operations. Applying our platform technology for the maritime sector could reduce emissions, ease strains on global supply chains, and help mitigate risks of collisions at sea. We will provide safe, efficient and smart capability for our partners and their assets through our futureproof platform technology.

The Greenroom Platform is a modular framework for systems on-the-edge; with analytics, AI, and control software plug-ins that can be rapidly applied to new sectors enabling cross-domain technology leverage. We continue to learn from space technology, self-driving cars, and web tech advancements, to create the next-generation of technology solutions for the maritime sector.


We are currently building vision-based AI for situational awareness, and safe and trusted architectures for vessel control.

In the next decade millions of mariners will start to see their jobs become more efficient and safer through the use of robotic software and AI. We are on a mission to create Software for Robots, and Robots for Good. If your team is facing technology challenges in the maritime sector why not reach out and see what we can overcome for you, to enable safer seas together.


Greenroom Robotics - Trailblazer Program

Greenroom Robotics is honoured to be recognised by the Hon. Scott Morrison, Prime Minister of Australia as a key industry participant in the Federal Governments Trailblazer program. The Defence Trailblazer - Concept to Sovereign Capability - aims to transform defence innovation by strengthening the alignment and collaboration between industry and academia.

Harry Hubbert
Harry Hubbert

Greenroom and Ninox Robotics revolutionising Biosecurity surveys in Australia

Greenroom’s industry partner Ninox Robotics deploys with Geolabeller for biosecurity surveys with long-range Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems (RPAS)

Harry Hubbert
Harry Hubbert