Greenroom and Ninox Robotics revolutionising Biosecurity surveys in Australia

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Harry Hubbert
Harry Hubbert

Ninox Robotics are Australia’s leading long-range RPAS operator, providing a range of services for applications requiring high-resolution mapping or real-time video streaming – such as biosecurity, fire management, and environmental analysis.

Greenroom has been working with Ninox since 2018; providing AI assistance software for tagging and geolocating a variety of animal species, and producing reports for key stakeholders in government and industry. Understanding our partner’s needs has helped Greenroom develop Geolabeller and deploy it to solve real world challenges.

For Ninox Robotics, accurate surveying relied on processing infra-red imagery to detect, classify and geo-tag various animals across a broad range of terrains. Greenroom’s pipeline allows efficient workflow with opportunities for quality control and standardised reporting. Using Computer Vision and Machine Learning for surveying tasks increases consistency, transparency, and accuracy of survey reports, allowing end-clients and decision makers to make informed decisions with timely and reliable data.

Ninox and Greenroom continue to develop next generation techniques for biosecurity and other RPAS surveys.

“The Greenroom team’s passion and dedication for seeking and implementing the optimal solution is obvious, and they have always followed up with quality documentation and prompt support. They provide both excellent technical expertise and a great understanding of business requirements.” - Daniel Vogelnest, Technical Director at Ninox Robotics

Geolabeller is available now through our secure online portal for key industry and academic partners. Geolabeller can significantly help with data labelling, semantic segmentation, computer vision, machine learning and deep learning challenges - across land, sky, and sea domains.

Our software team will assist you in designing and producing models or datasets to solve your problems, with an emphasis on integration and compatibility with other systems. We have significant experience expanding vision-based AI for robotics control, dashboards & reports for efficient decision making. If you have any questions or would like a demonstration of Geolabeller or our other products, please contact us at


Geolabeller tool being used to label and manage UAV footage in Biosecurity surveys.


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Harry Hubbert
Harry Hubbert

Greenroom Geolabeller - Enriching datasets for real-world AI

Greenroom Robotics has released Geolabeller, a new AI training pipeline that enriches datasets for robust Machine Learning Models suitable for real-world applications. This tool introduces real-world context to Machine Learning datasets by seamlessly integrating geo-spatial metadata with training and validation imagery.

Harry Hubbert
Harry Hubbert