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Blake Bond
Blake Bond

Greenroom Robotics is proud to announce our acceptance as an industry partner for the Australian Government's Defence Trailblazer for Concept to Sovereign Capability Program. This exciting initiative aims to tackle key national challenges affecting Australia's future security and economic progression.

Through strategic alliances with the University of Adelaide, UNSW Sydney, and the Australian Government's Department of Education, we are eager to foster the next generation of Australian tech leaders, innovators and capability.

Backed by a $240 million investment, the Defence Trailblazer Program – part of Australia's wider Universities Trailblazer initiative – rallies the intellectual power of six universities and over 35 industry partners with a focus on the fortification of Australia's defence capabilities. Central to the program's strategy are innovation, workforce skill development, and the rapid delivery of sovereign capabilities for national security. R&D acceleration projects, focused on five key strategic areas (See Science Technology and Research (STaR) Shots), offer pathways for researchers at the University of Adelaide and UNSW to meet future defence requirements. Additionally, the program promotes the advancement of AI and machine learning-based control in defence applications. This initiative, dedicated to building a robust defence workforce and co-designing multi-domain solutions, underscores the program's commitment to fostering Australia's security and prosperity.

As one of the program's first key industry partners, Greenroom Robotics is committed to delivering value that ripples not only through the defence industry but through to the rest of the nation. As Australia’s leading Marine Robotics, Autonomous Systems and Artificial Intelligence (RASAI) organization we welcome collaboration with young minds working alongside us in pioneering this space.

With the Greenroom Platform's various applications spanning land, sea, and sky, we envision that Greenroom will continue to meet the current and future requirements of not only the Australian Defence Force, but also organizations that wish to join us at the forefront of technological innovation.

Our modifiable Greenroom Platform allows us to custom-tailor solutions addressing a spectrum of perception, control, autonomy, and analytical challenges. We're eager to synergize with Australian universities, innovative SMEs, and the Australian Government to evolve and market products that fortify Australia.

Our CTO, Harry Hubbert, believes that the Trailblazer program opens new doors, saying: “The Trailblazer program will enable access to specialist brainpower, and expertise beyond our current reach. We will be able to grow our workforce and upskill engineers for the niche challenges of maritime autonomy. In return we can provide a platform and pathway for expedited development, test & evaluation, and commercialisation. For example, new payloads or behaviours developed within the university environment could be rapidly integrated into our modular Greenroom Platform, and deployed at sea within a proven software framework. Hence expediting the pathway between research and commercial or operational deployment.”

The Defence Trailblazer Program is a mutually beneficial initiative for not only those directly involved, but for the greater benefit of the nation through increased defence and economic security. Greenroom Robotics is honored to have a pivotal role in transforming the way academia and industry work together to solve real-life problems.

As we trailblaze alongside other industry leaders, stay connected with our journey and join us in shaping the future. Follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube for the latest updates.


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