MarOps and Caladan Oceanic

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James Griffin
James Griffin

Greenroom’s clients continue to have success with our Maritime Operations Software, which is continuously improving with features and capability implementation.

The deployment, operation and recovery of maritime autonomous systems is complex, and system-specific processes and records are required throughout operations, both before and after missions. MarOps has many features available to improve clarity. Our software allows operations teams to plan, record, execute and review mission data and logs within a fully automated software package.

Through our platform technology, the software can easily integrate with any CAN device. This leads to the possibility of integrating with multiple subsea assets to review missions and system performance over a fleet of vessels.

The team’s unique expertise across web technology, software development, and maritime operations have been critical to these innovations, resulting in what customer Victor Vescovo of Caladan Oceanic describes as “a quantum leap from what we have been doing historically”.

For Caladan Oceanic, MarOps fulfils the need to accurately chart their underwater coordinates and provides an efficient means to record their mission-specific data and logs, regardless of depth or location. The software packages run on the ships network, allowing people to login from their devices to enter data, plan missions, provide briefings or visualise data.

Greenroom’s commitment to R&D alongside software development ensured Caladan Oceanic could face the challenges ahead, leveraging the latest in software and big data to handle the millions of data points generated across multiple sensors in a single dive. Using 3D visualisation and a custom graph engine, the team made data visually accessible, as part of a broader vision to leave behind the clunky systems often associated with maritime engineering, moving towards intuitive interfaces.


2022 Wrap-up

We are pleased to present the 2022 Greenroom Robotics year in review.

James Griffin
James Griffin

Greenroom Robotics at RobotX

Our CTO, Harry Hubbert attended RobotX 2022 as a course judge. RobotX, was held at the Sydney International Regatta Centre, it saw teams from universities across the globe compete in the most advanced maritime robotics competition.

James Griffin
James Griffin