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Harry Hubbert
Harry Hubbert

G’day friends of Greenroom,

I’m Vinayak, I joined the greenroom team at the start of this year as a robotics graduate, and so wanted to introduce myself. I’m an optimistic person yearning on a quest for knowledge and learning through various aspects in life.

I’m pretty technically minded, so after my Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) I went and did a Masters of Engineering (Mechatronics) at the Australian National University. I’ve got experience in Machine learning, Deep Learning, Robotics, Computer Vision concepts and algorithms. I am philosophical in my approach, and am working hard to keep up with the fast pace of Greenroom!

I reached out to join the greenroom team as I was excited about being involved with a passionate start-up. It’s the best way to hone existing skills, and working with a small team on meaningful projects is becoming a significant driver for a lot of graduates these days.

My major ambition in joining Greenroom would be to fully deploy my potential and hone my skillset by mastering pragmatic application of ML models in real-time scenarios (especially in the field of Robotics). Additionally, I would love to help research, develop, and implement as many challenging projects as we can to really set the bar high as leaders in robotics and data science.

I look forward to the challenges ahead!


Vision based AI and Edge comuting in the Maritime Domain

Greenroom is moving increasingly into the maritime domain with our edge-computing and machine learning capabilities. We’re doing this as part of our ongoing R&D and also increasingly with industry partners who are looking to apply our capability to their unique applications. These projects are all exciting, but in the meantime we thought we would have an R&D day to test ourselves. We set out to develop a new application in under 24 hours to test our data pipeline, and explore feasibility for a future project.

Harry Hubbert
Harry Hubbert

Estimating Sea Surface Temperatures with UAVs

In this article I am going to talk about a subject that is close to my heart. Maybe as I spent a great deal of my precious time in my final year of university at the Australian Maritime College studying this topic. This topic being “Estimating Sea Surface Temperature (SST) using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)”.

Zac Pullen
Zac Pullen